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1. Membership Types

1.1 Volunteer Members pay $16 per year for membership. 1.2 Non-volunteer Members pay $40 per year for membership.    

2. Borrowing Toys

2.1 No toy will be issued while there are overdue toys. 2.2 Members must not swap or loan toys to other people.  All toys must be returned to the library for issue to other members.

3. Toy Hire

3.1 Members are permitted to hire eight toys. 3.2 Toy hire is free once membership fees have been paid. 

4. Overdue Toys

4.1 Overdue toys will incur a charge of $2 per toy per, per week. 4.2 Persistent lateness in returning toys may result in cancellation of membership.

5. Dirty or Wet Toys

5.1 A fine of $5 per item will be charged if toys are brought back dirty or wet. 5.2 Persistent return of dirty or wet toys may result in cancellation of membership.

6. Loss of Toys

6.1 A fee will be charged for missing pieces, instructions, bags or containers.  The fee will be $10 per item and will be refunded if the item is returned within three months.  The toy will be renewed for a further two weeks (with additional fees if applicable) to aid in finding the missing items before the fee is charged. 6.2 If the missing piece is crucial to the play value of the toy, then it will be taken to the committee and the member will be notified of the replacement charge within six weeks. 6.3 At the discretion of the librarian a suitable comparable toy or replacement part can be donated to the library. 6.4      Frequent loss of toys may result in cancellation of membership.

7. Damaged Toys

7.1 All damage to toys needs to be reported. 7.2 At the discretion of the librarian a suitable comparable toy or replacement part can be donated to the library. 7.3 No repairs are to be carried out by the borrower, to ensure the continued safety of the toy. 7.4 Frequent damage to toys may result in cancellation of membership. 7.5 You may be asked to contribute towards the cost of repair or replacement.

8. Duties

8.1 If you are an active member you will be required to assist at least two times per term.  Sessions requiring assistance include either a library open session or an evening coding session.  Non-active members pay the higher membership fee as they are not required to assist at the library. 8.2 If you do not voluntarily complete the duty roster, the librarian will choose a time for you. 8.3 If you are unable to perform your duty, it is your responsibility to arrange a replacement and notify the librarian as soon as possible. 8.4 If you do not turn up for your rostered duty, you will be required to pay an additional $10 towards membership. 8.5 Repeated failure to do duty may result in cancellation of membership or upgrade to non-active.

9. Fundraising

9.1 All members (active and non-active) are encouraged to participate in fundraising activities.

10. Termination of Membership

10.1    A refund will be paid in full month increments.

11. General

11.1 Identification will be required at time of joining to confirm both your identity (i.e. driver's license) and your residential address (i.e. power, telephone account or property rental agreement). 11.2 Do not exchange toys with friends even if they are toy library members.  All toys remain the borrower's responsibility and the property of the toy library. 11.3 The Pearce Community Toy Library Committee will at all times be responsible for the day to day running of the library. 11.4 The Pearce Community Toy Library Committee reserves the right to amend the rules and conditions of membership as the need arises.  Members will be notified in writing of any changes made. Safety Standards for the Pearce Community Toy Library   Toys: Toys for children under the age of three must, by law, be large enough so they cannot be inhaled or swallowed.  Toys and pieces for this age group must be more than 32mm wide and 60mm long to avoid choking.  Toys for older children can comply with this standard on a voluntary basis.   For this reason it has been necessary for the Pearce Community Toy Library to label  toys as suitable for under three year olds. We recommend that toys that show other classifications are not borrowed if any child in the house is under the age of three.  If you do borrow such toys, it is at your own risk. We recommend that helmets are worn with bikes and ride-ons.   Bags: Some of the toys in the library are stored in net, plastic or Zippet bags.  Please remove these bags from play and put them out of reach so that the child is not at risk of strangulation or suffocation.   Supervision: It is your responsibility to select toys that suit your child's age and ability.  Parents, please help your child to understand the dangers involved in the misuse of a toy.  It is the responsibility of the parent\caregiver to supervise the child with any borrowed toy in a manner that will prevent harm to the children playing with it.  

Safety Concerns: If you notice a toy has become unsafe, please notify the librarian.  Do not attempt to fix the toy yourself as your repair may place another child at risk. Liability Clause (To be read and signed by each member family). I hereby assume complete and full responsibility for any and all injuries to any person or persons within my care, which result in part or in whole from using the Pearce Community Toy Library and toys I have borrowed from it. I hereby release the Pearce Community Toy Library from all responsibility for any injuries so sustained either outside or on the premises.  I acknowledge that the Pearce Community Toy Library reserves the right to visit homes of members to reclaim overdue toys. I have read and understand the rules relating to the Pearce Community Toy Library. I agree to abide by these and any other notified rules of the Pearce Community Toy Library.

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